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Extra curricular

Education outside of the classroom is an integral part of what makes a good school and RJS prides itself on good quality provision throughout.  As you can see below, pupils have access to myriad different clubs and activities throughout their time at RJS.  In addition to a high quality and well rounded education they will leave RJS with the necessary skills to thrive in later life.

Tailoring and Crafts is a skill RJS will impart to pupils in P5 and P6. The intention is to enable children have a marketable skill from as early as they are 10 years old.

Music, Dance and Drama will play a big part of life at RJS with a range of opportunities for children across the age range.

Sport is an activity which RJS prides itself on with particular emphasis on Soccer for under 12 and under 14 age groups. We are developing a very good football field with qualified youth soccer instructors. We have plans to compete in all national and international competitions without jeopardizing academic achievements in the classroom. Parents who are interested in seeing their children excel in soccer internationally and nationally should be the first to register for RJS.

Tailoring and Crafts

Music, Dance and Drama