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The new Board of Governors

Another milestone this week: we established our new Board of Governors for Radnor Junior School, Semuto.

We have kept things local and appointed an experienced Finance Director, Martin Bakama of PEAS Uganda; local resident Patrick Ntege as School Director, Isaac Ampeire as Company Secretary and Advocate, plus David Paton as Principal.

One of our defining principles is building expertise and utilising local talent in Uganda. Rather than following a typical development model of hiring a range of Europeans, we have chosen to build local connections and establish relationships on the ground.

Instead of starting with pre-conceived British ideas of what local families ‘need’, our team instead asks what families actually want and we build from there. The vision for the school is to provide a high quality of provision at a very affordable cost with a specific focus on literacy and skills.

As in all schools, the secret to success is great teaching and this Governing Body is targeting developing systems that deliver great teaching consistently over the long term.