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Principal's Blog

David Paton, Prinicpal of RJS, shares his thoughts in this Blog page

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  • Teachers make great schools the world over

    Published 27/05/21, by David Paton

    I visited a school in Uganda recently and was fascinated when the Head started to explain some of the day-to-day challenges she faced.  Rather amazingly her inbox sounded rather very familiar to what I experienced in UK.  How do you cope with a naughty child in Year 4?  Who covers Year 9 when the teacher is absent?  And my favourite, how do you encourage a reluctant parent pay their fees on time??

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  • Why Child Protection and Safeguarding was our first priority at RJS

    Published 08/04/21, by David Paton

    Schools live or die on their culture, its the unwritten rules which govern how the place operates.

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  • RJS is opening in August 2021

    Published 30/03/21, by Juniper Education

    We are delighted to have completed the purchase of land in Semuto, Nakaseke, Uganda yesterday with the aim of opening Radnor Junior School in the village by August. David and Jo Paton are delighted to have donated £100k to the project to build a much needed school for this community in only five months.

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